Business Plan

April 2011

We have published our business plan for the next five years.

Executive summary

1. Why a plan now? We at INTERIGHTS have been reflecting on the external landscape of international human rights. This is a landscape which is likely to become increasingly complex in future, with the adoption of new instruments and the establishment of new mechanisms to protect human rights, in an increasingly globalised world with a growing demand for access to judgments from national and international jurisdictions. We believe that we have the focus, reputation, networks and expertise to effectively navigate this future landscape and to scale up our future contribution to the protection and enhancement of human rights on an international scale.

2. We plan to do this by building on the strengths of our established approach to strategic litigation. We have identified areas where we will need to raise our game to enhance our impacts and reach. We will continue to focus on what we do best, with strategic litigation at its core.

3. A critical review of the external environment and our impact on it over the last five years provides the context for this plan – containing what we hope you will find to be a compelling narrative and a tailor-made five-year work programme. We have an excellent platform on which to build and are determined to get better at what we do. Any modest growth over the next five years will be specifically linked to achieving the priorities signalled in the ‘raising our game’ section of this plan.

4. We are proud to be part of the wider community of international human rights defenders. We have established our status as an anchor institution within the landscape of international human rights and are confident we can continue to make a distinctive contribution to the promotion and protection of human rights.

5. This plan was informed by a consultation process undertaken between November 2010 and February 2011. We are grateful for the responses received which have enriched this plan.Business Plan 2011-2016