Commonwealth Human Rights Law Digest

DigestThe Commonwealth Human Rights Law Digest is the only legal report focusing exclusively on human rights cases from Commonwealth jurisdictions. The Digest is published twice a year and contains summaries of human rights judgments from national courts across the Commonwealth together with an editorial commentary.

The Digest takes advantage of the common legal language and the similarity of legal systems across the Commonwealth states to cover a wide range of human rights issues, including INTERIGHTS' key areas of focus: economic and social rights, equality, and security and the rule of law. It enables cross-fertilisation of ideas and decisions – for example by allowing lawyers in Africa to make reference to decisions made in South Asia. It also allows legal practitioners in some Commonwealth regions such as the Caribbean and Pacific to access information that might otherwise be hard to obtain. The Digest also features decisions from smaller jurisdictions whose decisions would otherwise be unreported or difficult to access.

The Digest is produced with the generous support of the Commonwealth Secretariat.

Futher to the closure of INTERIGHTS in May 2014 (see here for more details), click here to read a letter to all Digest subscribers in July 2014.

The rate is £45 per volume, including three issues and an index. Download a subscription form. Back issues are available for £15.

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In January 2009 INTERIGHTS published the first ever issue of the Digest to address a specific theme: the protection of fundamental rights in the context of combating domestic and international terrorism. If you are interested in purchasing a copy of the Security and the Rule of Law Special Issue Digest please contact us.

Online Digests and case databases
Recent editions of the Digest are available online and all cases featured in the Digest can be found on the Commonwealth Human Rights Law Database.

Volume 8
Volume 8 Numbers 2, 3 & Index
Volume 8 Number 1

Volume 7
Volume 7 Issue 3
Volume 7 Issue 2

Call for cases
INTERIGHTS is always seeking to increase its coverage of human rights-related case law from national courts in Commonwealth and common law jurisdictions. In particular, we are interested in accessing more cases from 18 specific jurisdictions (click here for details). If you regularly deal with relevant cases in these countries or have access to the judgments, we would be happy to offer you a free subscription to one of our publications in return for regular supply of this information. Please contact us if you are able to help..