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Strategic litigation is a major focus of our work. It involves identifying and pursuing cases on critical human rights issues which if successful are likely to have a high impact at the national, regional or international level. Successful litigation can establish important legal precedents or effect changes in legislation, policy or practice. It can also positively influence public opinion.

A decision whether to work on an individual case is taken after considering established case selection criteria. In addition to reviewing the potential impact of a piece of litigation, we assess our own resources and expertise in order to determine if we can bring real added value to the case. And given that there are number of a differing ways in which we can support a case from simply providing advice, to co-representing applicants in partnership with local lawyers or intervening on issues of public interest as a third party or amicus curiae we also need to review how best we can become involved. Sometimes there are potential negative effects to consider. How likely are we to win a case? What would the impact be of a negative decision? Could a successful decision have negative consequences, for example by causing a public backlash against the very people we are acting to defend?

Below you will find information on cases which INTERIGHTS has been involved with. Given the sensitive nature of our work, we are unable to identify all of the cases we are involved in.

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